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Student projects 2017-8

The significance of EU for students

Ali Özbatur, Department of Psychology

I have took this still life photo to express the show how different and small pieces of fruits can come together and create a beautiful photo as well as enjoyable nutritious fruits to the table. I see EU as a dinner that is open for whom are qualified to sit on the table if you can sit you can bring something from your own to the table and get what you need in return. By connecting and creating such a bond It can lead to beautiful things. The cabbage at the center of the photo represents the flaws in EU, obviously cabbage is not a fruit but disguise it self as one. I think we shouldn't look EU as pieces but as a whole and accept that it has many accomplishments as well as it is flaws.

İhsan Bahadır Çeliktaş, Faculty of Law

After World War 2 almost all of the European countries were devastated. Europe was suffering from shortage and poverty. While Europe is suffering from the effects of the war, the rest of the world has other plans. On the one hand the Soviet Union wanted to influence the European countries and have power on them, on the other hand the U.S loaned huge amounts of money to European countries. The U.S needed a trading partner in Europe and also needed to prevent the Soviet Union from influencing and having power over the European countries. Since Europe was in an economic disaster and needed to reconstruct, U.S helped Europe to integrate. Following the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine, Europe started to integrate and stay together. This seemed the only way out at the time.

Starting with the ECSC (European Coal & Steel Community), Europe integrated and become the EU (European Union) today. This picture explains that the integration of the European countries and the formation of the European Union that helped the European countries to reconstruct their countries both physically and financially. The integration of Europe was the only way out of war.

Mariam Teme, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering

In my opinion, the European Union is a unified trade and monetary body with 28 member countries. It has a single currency, which offers many advantages especially because they have a common market. As I try to show it in the first picture (upper left), instead of countries having their own currency, from the Maastricht treaty they decided to have a single strong and stable currency.

The European Union also eliminates all border controls between the member states. From the second picture, I am trying to show that the European Union allows the movements of a great variety of goods and services between the member countries. It also eases cheap telecommunications, the EU citizens benefit from all of those individual freedoms.

From the third picture 5 (down left), the European Union allows free movement of people. EU treaties and regulations ensure easy travel. With their Schengen area, they guarantee free movements to those legally residing within its boundaries.

To summarize everything, from the last picture (down right), the European Union opens many beneficial doors to its member countries. It allows the right to work anywhere. They try to ensure a lasting peace that is not only based on military power. Instead they aim to make the politics, economies and people of Europe so interconnected that war would become unthinkable.

I took these pictures in my home, I try to use my imagination and create something that greatly defines the European Union and at the same time something that will make people wonder how I plan on explaining the pictures. I think all these pictures fit the context of what the European Union is about.

Musa Selman Kızıltan, Faculty of Law

This is the border between Netherlands and Belgium. This shows to me the friendly civilization that established by European Union, and what the world countries must be like. In the Middle East, barbed wires and military outposts surround borders; nations are usually hostile towards each other for no reason. Between North and South Korea, there is not just a border; there is a whole different world between those two countries divided with one border.

Unification and integration provides peace and friendly relations between societies. It helps to define humans as “humans” rather than discriminating with national nonsenses. Segregation and discrimination only causes more wars and conflicts to fullfill warmongers goals and pockets.