Welcome to Istanbul Bilgi University’s FlipEU Jean Monnet Module Website. The Jean Monnet Module entitled A ‘Flipped Course’ on EU is coordinated by Özge Onursal-Beşgül and Mehmet Ali Tuğtan. The FlipEU module is the first blended course on the EU in Istanbul Bilgi University. The module is delivered as a course under the General Education Curriculum with the course code and name GE 112 Introduction to European Union. The course utilizes the flipped classroom approach. This innovative teaching design allows the students to learn in their own time and at their own pace. The instructors deploy an instructional strategy and resources that place a higher order cognitive demand on the students, since the ‘flipped’ course engages the students with more creative, evaluative and analytical exercises. This website contains information on the teaching content and events of the GE 112 Introduction to European Union and contains links to the Bilgi’s European Institute and other EU related activities and announcements at Bilgi.

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